Day in the Life of a Hustler - My small business journey - How to get started with small business


Hello World,

I know I am a bit late; however, I would like to thank all 1,318 subscribers for staying close to my journey. I have been very busy with work and trying my best to keep up with my side goals. In January 2021, I had a vision, and I wrote the blog, Meditation and Manifestation for 2021. In this blog, I stated that no matter what I will bring in a change in my life.

The first change was making this blog professional and getting a domain name for it, Also, starting my YouTube channel was a big step. Please subscribe if you have not done so! I am working on more ideas and content to boost engagement.

Then starting my TikTok page for @MarketingByDLA: MarketingbyDLA

Then working on my shop TikTok/Insta: @PeachyFix (website coming soon).


The learning journey from January to date has been immense. I hope my journey motivates you and is keeping you going on your journey as well. I need more love and support so please share my content with your friends and family. Let’s succeed together and never stop learning.

If you need help starting your own business, do not hesitate on messaging me. Let’s support one anoather and stay connected!

TWITTER: @dilypie

TIKTOK Personal: Dlaofficial_

TikTok Business: MarketingbyDLA



My NFT:–Old-Phone/eBEWgT9qtn5FxIH

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