Best Data Spillage in 2021, Clubhouse Data Breach Cautions Fans From Joining The App

Best Data Spillage in 2021, Clubhouse Data Breach Cautions Fans From Joining The App

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I am not sure how many of you are into technology however, since you are following me then I am assuming you like all things, business, finance, and technology. I usually do not touch upon this sort of subject as the theme of my blog is mostly on personal goals and finance but let us try something different today! Before we start this topic, I would like to apologize for my late blog posts. I have been slacking due to my 9 – 5. Despite my terrible punctuality, I would like you all to read my last blog post, How to Improve my SEO on Google Without Paying for my Blog?. If you are starting off a new blog, business, or a website, my last post will help you immensely.

Getting back to the topic I wanted to speak about today. This would be the hottest news after AMC and Gamestop stocks that the media is covering. How many of my audience know of the Clubhouse App? If you clicked that link and got no where but, “we are opening up shortly” then yes, you were at the right place. Clubhouse is an exclusive audio in chatroom that is invite only. This means someone with access must invite others who wish to join this app. The popular apps attractiveness is not limited to its exclusivity. The app has hosted different celebrities and entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk and Kevin Hart.

The app has shown a promising increase in demand within few months. Everyone wants to join the chatrooms and listen to their favorite speakers or find topics they are interested in. This app claims that there is complete privacy for people to use this app without others finding out their audio bites and information in the chatrooms. This part you may relate to if you are interested in or run your own business. As a business owner, you want the same when using multiple apps to run your business. You want the apps to be very secure with your personal information. However, the real question is, how secure are these apps? When you join these apps and share your personal information, do you do that background check?

To answer the questions I asked above, most like you would not ask those questions, it will not even cross their minds to ask. Plus, the app itself states in their terms that they secure your audio bites and information. Security and privacy are a major issue because, an early app like this can have certain loopholes that allow, I wouldn’t say hackers, but experts to access your data. Exactly, what happened with Clubhouse. Cybersecurity experts were able to do a data spillage and access the audios from the app. This wasn’t a data breach because, the data wasn’t accessed maliciously but, just to show that Clubhouse has a gap. After that breach, there are claims that the app is being projected and there can be no more of such attacks towards the app.

This really makes me think how often we just sign up for an app just because of its hype, yet we don’t consider the implications of any security or privacy breach.  Few of the researchers also found that just like TikTok, the access to all the Clubhouse information can be accessible by the Chinese Government.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you going to join Clubhouse?

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