How to Improve my SEO on Google Without Paying for my Blog for small business owners and students

How to Improve my SEO on Google Without Paying for my Blog?

Hello World,

I am on a mission for growth. I want to make learning and teaching my lifelong purpose. If you have been following me for a while, then you are aware of my journey towards achieving all my set goals from 2017. In the beginning of 2021, I wrote a post on Meditation and Manifestation For 2021. This piece captured what I am essentially trying to achieve in the year of 2021. One of main goals is to be consistent with self education and growth. To be more specific with one of the items on my list, it was blogging two times a day. Now, I know it does not happen always but, I have been trying to be consistent.

I have started actively tracking my blogs and daily post in an excel tracker to keep myself motivated. The measure to my success would be all your interaction with my post and the entire blog. I have been tracking if I am gaining “likes”, shares, and followers.  If I were to be completely candid my growth has not been as I expected. The more content I put out my followership increases but, that comes with a lot of community management as well. I am currently at 1,288 organic followers. This is an amazing number given the fact that it is solely based on my content. That means there is no marketing, no search engine optimization, branding, multiple channel promotion or anything. It is as simple as putting out content and gaining the love.

Now, I want to learn more about SEO so I can bring in more followers. Some of my own followers are SEO experts so I am here for your feedbacks. Funny thing is that I have writing my blogs for a bit, but I never realized how important it is to use certain tips, tricks, and hacks on my own blogs. My minimal research led me asking what is SEO blog and brought me to the following resources which you can also use to improve your website traffic and SEO best practices.

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggestis a great way to do competitor keyword analysis and website evaluation. This website will show you how to SEO blog. I used this platform which is completely free to find out where I was going wrong. Although, my website scored a 78 out of a 100 for over all SEO health, there is a lot of things I need to improve on. One of the things I learned is that some of my posts were not doing too well in terms of traffic and interaction because, my title was too long. Isn’t that crazy? I never thought of that. I used to write whatever that came to my heart and titled the post as whatever I pleased. Digging more into it, I realized my poor mistakes which hurting the growth potential of the blog.

Almost all my blogs are less than 2,200 characters. According to Ubersuggest, Google does not like that. I always thought that writing less is a good sign and I am saving my readers some time. But boy was I wrong! In my mind, I thought the audience can read my quick blog, gain insight, and go back to their daily lives. Only to realize yesterday that this was a misconception. A little background on search engine optimization; the way SEO works is through web crawling. For Google to give you an okay ranking, it needs to crawl your website to understand what you are writing about. For that to happen the blogs need to be detailed and long. As an attempt to improve that, this blog will be a long one, so I am apologizing in advance.

Ubersuggest also said that most of my blogs do not have backlinks and I should be adding two backlinks to all my blog post. I have already added one on top, and here is another one Poor Are Stuck in The Poverty System just for contents sake and to see how well this post itself performs.

I also found out that the website lets you search up other blog posts or competitors’ sites to see what keywords they are using and how well they are ranking. This is great if you have a small business! Why are keywords important you may ask? Keywords are words that are associated with your topic and these words are popular with your audience. These words are used by audiences who are interested in that particular topic and they will use those keywords to search your topic. By using Ubersuggest you can find out the keywords your competitors are using and how well they are ranking and their difficulty level. While doing this analysis and finding out the keywords, you would want to go over keywords that perform really well with low difficulty level because, those are the posts that will do really good.

Now I am about to help you out even further, so I hope you are consuming all this in. Go to Google and add the Google Chrome extension Keywords Everywhere and SEO Pro extension. Yes, these are completely free. Now every time you search a topic, you will see associated keywords by rank plus how much it will cost for Google Ads. You can also make a list within Google to keep track of the keywords you are tracking. This is another tool to search up the categories you are researching to write about and then see the keywords associated with them.

Did you know your website reaches more traffic if the images are compressed? Your website loads faster. Here is a free tool to compress your image before uploading to your website, It is completely free and great for article writers, bloggers, and small business owners. That is not enough, if you are a small business owner than you need to GeoTag all of your images to your local city and location. This is a free tool to get you started, and guess what? It’s free!

Let me not stop there because, I would like to fully dedicate some time to improve your content and learn more about SEO blog strategy. Ever had that feeling that today you will write a blog post and todays the day but there is just not enough motivation. You just do not know what to write about. This happens to me all the time! Since I gave myself that post two times a day goal, I have a writer’s block. It is hard to think of content every day, specially if you plan on posting twice. That is when I came across Answer the Public: !!!

This website offers 3 free searches everyday. When ever you have a writer’s block, you can go on this website and search a topic and it returns questions people are asking regarding this topic. How does this help with SEO optimization you may ask? You would take the top questions surrounding the topic you searched in the website and then write the answer woven into the copy you are writing. This helps you rank better on Google as people will search the answer to the question. I have decided to base all my blog posts answering core questions people ask on the daily to stay relevant on the platform.

On my quick learning journey, my lesson learned was not knowing about long term keywords. Yes, I have been my post incorrectly. I can accelerate my growth by using the key word searches that people search for. An example of that would be tagging “what is SEO for blogs”. I think this is a common mistake people make. People, including myself, just tag related topics however, that is not getting your blog post up when people are searching something specific. You must tag your posts based on performance and difficulty level.

This blog took me one day to write but two days to post. This cannot happen in the blogging game specially if you are working with SEO. You want to be current and in the news. This is my attempt at this so let’s see how it goes.

Make sure you check out my previous blogs: Meditation and Manifestation For 2021.

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