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Poor Are Stuck in the Poverty System

Hello World,

I watched a video today and it was heart breaking. A young girl in her mid 20’s was crying because, she had to help and pay her parents mortgage at 16. She completed one of her bachelors and went into debt. Then covid hit! She couldn’t save up. Now she is completing her nursing degree but, she does not have money to pay for the last semester of her college. She is convinced that the poor is set up to be poor. She said, that she paid for her parents house and mortgage but, what about her? Where is her house? Meaning, she can’t ever afford one.

This really made me think. We really discredit people who are self made. The people who don’t have a proper shelter when young however somehow managed to earn their success and make it big. What was it that set them apart? Since, in reality there is a high chance most that come from poverty will get stuck in the poverty system. The people who do not have a healthy financial support growing up will always be the ones paying massive debt and expenses.

Here is what I feel, it’s sad, yes we are stuck in a poverty system but, the question we have to ask is, are we resiliant? Can we survive our bad times and keep going at our passions and keep learning. It is almost like the concept of dollar cost averaging, right? There may be highs, there may be lows, but you have to keep pushing and going at your goals.

Now will grow for you, if you don’t try yourself.

Think about my post and share your thoughts!

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