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Are You Buying More AMC Stock – WallStreetsBets

Hello World,

This is all fun and games for me as a I didn’t invest a lot in AMC stocks but, just wanted to see what happens. So guess what! I bought some haha! Yes, I did it. After I bought it, the price hit the floor as these hedge funds are trying to block brokerage and platforms from allowing regular people to buy these particular stocks. They are trying to recover their losses.

I had a bit of fomo yesterday after TikTok flooded me with all WallStreetsBets news. So I thought why not! Let’s see how this goes and ride this out. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then you need to read more money news and read my last blog, GameStop and Blackberry Stocks.

Although, the price dropped from $19 dollars to $8 dollars now, I am still holding! I believe the price may rise tomorrow. What are your take on this?

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