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Is There Still Fire in You?

Hello World,

Do you ever feel like you have set some goals but you never have time to achieve it. I was feeling that way this week. In the beginning of the year, I set few goals for myself, more like “resolutions”. You can check that out in this blog post right here, Meditation and Manifestation For 2021. My main goals were to focus on health, be sustainable, and basically change my life by end of 2021. Yes, pretty bold but, if I am not going to try for myself then who will?

The sucky part about setting goals and then tracking them is that you can see if you are behind and guess what I am! For this blog, I decided to write two post per day. You will be very disappointed to hear that I am 22 posts behind. It’s funny, if I hadn’t tracked it then I wouldn’t have known that this a dent in my progress of what I have planned for this blog. That being said, I haven’t given up. You guys, get a post ALMOST every day from and I am happy to see my statistics are growing.

One thing I am up to date on is taking care of my health. That’s a great achievement. I have never been this disciplined about my health since ages but, 2021 has really brought this change in me. This means, I am eating clean every day, taking my vitamins, working out, etc.

One thing I do need to get better is on my focus on coding. If you followed me from the beginning of the year then you know I want to focus on coding to excel in my career. This, I am behind on but, I need to follow through with this every day.

I can’t believe I wrote this in 2018 but, it’s still so relevant, How to Keep Moving with your GOALS.

I hope you are keeping up with all of your goals! Please share your journey in the year of 2021 and we can connect 🙂

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