What Are You Investing in These Days?

Hello World,

What are you investing in these days?

Here is a cool table I found on Bank of Montreal news room. This states the percentage of Canadians have these investments. Surprised to hear that more boomers and Gen Z’s invest then millennials.

For those who don’t know, TFSA is a Tax Free savings account (only Canadian’s) and RRSP is a Retirement Savings Plan.

Asset InvestedPercentage of
that Include
asset in a
Asset Makeup
in a TFSA
Percentage of
Canadians that
Include asset
in a RRSP
Asset Makeup
in a RRSP
Mutual Funds43%24%45%42%

What is your take on this? Where are you at on your investment plans. Are you saving your money in cash or puting it in a salvings accounting or buying stocks?

I am trying to diversify my portfolio with more ETF’s. I have maxed out my RRSP and will be focusing more on crypto.

Let me know what your investment strategy looks like for 2021.

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  1. Wilfred Bain

    It would make a good study or article to understand why millennials don’t invest more. Is it that they don’t trust the system? Or that they do not have enough money? Or is it that they would rather do something else? It would make a good discussion point.


    1. dlaofficial

      Hi, that’s a great idea. I do have a blog on it as well, https://wordpress.com/post/dlaofficial.wordpress.com/6318

      There are few reasons why millennials shy away from investing. One, they want to save more until they invest. Two, there is a wealth gap between what baby boomers use to earn at the age of what millennials are earning. Three, they have a mindset, that should save for a house down payment. Four, the main one out of all of them, millennials have heavy student loans that they try to pay off prior to investing, which, leaves them with less money to invest towards retirement.


  2. Wilfred Bain

    I can see how all of these things are true. As a millenial, albeit froma different country than yourself, we have been taught to buy homes. Homes are a status symbol. The problem that many persons don’t realize is that most homes do not bring in cash flow and are very illiquid. The student loan issue isn’t as big here, but banks have been predatory in lending for less important things like vacations and whatnot; and all the borrowers see is money in their hands now and not the debt obligation they’ll have. As far as investing, we’ve not been taught to invest. We’ve been made to think that investing is only for a certain class of persons and that we’re only supposed to pay bills. I talk about this in my blog entry below:


    Thank you so much for the reply. I really appreciate the dialogue.


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