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Do You Believe in Destiny or Working Hard?

Hello World,

I want to know what you all believe in. Do you believe that everything is written in your destiny, as in is it predetermined what will happen to you? Or do you think working hard will get you where you need to be? Or is it all luck–right time, right place will get you the right opportunity?

If you ask me then I believe all of it. I think you are destined with an outcome but, there are alot of exterior components surrounding your life which is the “Luck” factor. For example, you are a good employee and you want a promotion as a senior lead. You are a hard worker. However, your manager has a better relationship with your coworker who is also a hard worker. Your coworker get’s the promotion you desired. That’s all luck. You couldn’t win that scenario even if you wanted to.

However, I feel if you learned from that situation and took those skill set and worked hard without that scenario impacting you, then I think you have a fair shot of building your own destiny. I think working hard and developing your skills will always get you closer to the path you want to be on.

What are your thoughts on this?

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