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Why Are You Blogging?

Hello World,

Most of you are bloggers who are interacting with my blogs. I want to know what got you started and what do you want to do with it?

I got it started because, if you don’t know already, I like to try different applications and platforms and get a feel for it myself. I wasn’t very consistent in the beginning. I use to post here and there. Never use to follow up on my post or never use to do to community management.

I do all of that now. I literally have a tracker now that I use to track and put out content two times a day. Some times it just doesn’t work because, I have a full time job. Despite that I would say that I am a lot organized than most of you out there.

What made me consistent? One day I was having the worst day and I had wrote all my feelings out on the blog. Then the reponse on it was tremendous! People on this platform was so supportive and caring. They showed so much concern. It was very thereputic. I started writing constantly there after. The consistentcy brought more people to follow along and engage with my content.

I started posting more of my personal and financial sturggles and goals and people started enjoying. A group of you showed great support on any platform I joined and wanted me to excel, like on the following platform,

TWITTER: @dilypie
TIKTOK: Dlaofficial_


Basically, it was more thereputic then anything for me! But how about you? What was your reason for starting a blog? Was it for a business? Was it just for time pass? Was it to promote and make money as a blogger? I would love to learn your experience.


  1. frederick anderson

    I do it because I love to write. I’m also very opinionated, and my blog is a good medium for my thoughts and ideas. I don’t have a very large following, which is nice, because I don’t want to go viral or shatter anyone’s world.


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