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What Are Your Thoughts on Your Data and Privacy?

Hello World,

GDPR is old news now, but for those who are unaware, GDPR stands for General Data Protechtion Regulations. There is also California Privacy Rights Act. These acts and relgulations are there so you the consumer is aware how an organization uses your data. Under GDPR all European citizen are protected and Califorina is self explanatory. That means if an organization in the United States has European customers or clients then they need to be compliant with the GDPR guidelines otherwise the penalty is brutal.

Accoriding to Business week daily, organizations use your data in four different ways:

  1. Personal data. This category includes personally identifiable information such as Social Security numbers and gender as well as nonpersonally identifiable information, including your IP address, web browser cookies, and device IDs (which both your laptop and mobile device have).
  2. Engagement data. This type of data details how consumers interact with a business’s website, mobile apps, social media pages, emails, paid ads and customer service routes.
  3. Behavioral data. This category includes transactional details such as purchase histories, product usage information (e.g., repeated actions), and qualitative data (e.g., mouse movement information).
  4. Attitudinal data. This data type encompasses metrics on consumer satisfaction, purchase criteria, product desirability and more. 

Given this information, what are your thoughts on how your data is being used? Are you opposed to it or does it not matter to you?

There was a cool story I recently read about a electric bicycle sharing appliacation which collected data to solve route details. It collected which route you took. This data allowed the company to improve on their maps and also personalize their suggestions. Some organizations are not allowed to hold and keep your data and hence, they obtain third party support who hold and maintain your infomration. The problem with that is, we don’t actually know what that thrid party does with the information. Does your information gets sold over and over in an infinite loop. Who knows?!

What are your thoughts on this?

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