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People Who Are Not Open to Listen

Hello World,

Have you ever met anyone who is not open to listen? Do you have someone in your life who refuses to have a proper conversation as soon as you start giving them feedback? They take your feedback even said in a polite tone, like you are blaming them.

I have few people in my life who do that. They refuse to listen about their flaws and just walk away from the conversation. They don’t want to improve with any suggestions that others have given them. They feel they know it all.

Don’t be this person! You should be able to take feedback from people and not fall weak or get emotional. You can’t walk away from a situation that is creating a challenges for the relationship and creating a negative environment. If someone identifies a challenge then please have a conversation in a calm manner.

Be open to critism and feedback. When a feedback or a criticism is shared with you, it’s only to improve the situation. If you don’t agree with it then have a conversation rather than walking away or sharing a statement. Open conversation and transparency is what we strive for within family or relationships and even at the work place.

Please be open and humble.

I’ll keep this one short! Happy Sunday.

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