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You Can Buy Bitcoin on WealthSimple

Hello World,

How is it going? Just a simple question to get some feedback and your personal thoughts on what is your stance is on crypto currency? Is it something you are not too focused on, don’t know too much about, or are investing in?

Many people find it challenging to understand. It’s volatile. They don’t want to take that risk specially if they have very little money to invest. Okay, I understand that. However, a lot of you don’t understand the set up and just quit at that. For example, you need a brokerage and custodial or a non-custodial wallet…. most people think, huh? Why do we need a wallet? This is because, you want to keep your crypto and prevent hack.

Custodial wallets are easy to download on your desktops and app and it’s basically a software that handles your coins. Even better, with a one time fee get a hardware wallet where you can carry your coins around.

However, I solely believe in long term investments. I think you should take the risk and put some of your money in a well researched coin that you think will fight against inflation since, crypto is being considered the digital gold. Many big players and comping in towards these crypto coins now. That’s why I suggest, if you don’t want to transact with bitcoin/etherium and just hold it and sell it, there is an easier way now.

WealthSimple is allowing you to trade bitcoin on their crypto platform. It’s easy like you would do in any brokerage platform. Buy and just hold! Yes, it’s volatile but, with every drop it gained double. Take that risk. WealthSimple works with Gemini third party to trade the coins but, it is a well known safe platform where you can trade these coins easily.

Only thing you can’t do is trasact with your coins, you would have to cash out, as in sell your coins to buy goods that you want.

This tip is for my long term investors! I want to see you successful. Get on it!

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