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Are You Doing Enough?

Hello World,

I am learning a coding skill which, if I knew perfectly today, I would have been selected for a role I really wanted. This opportunity was missed not too long ago. This is why I always suggest to all of you that don’t quit on learning. Don’t stop learning new skills, keep learning, I know it’s in you! Even if it takes time, just focus on one thing and keep practicing it daily. You never know when your opportunity will come to exersice that skill.

There are abundance of free materials online. You can learn how to to cook, code, build, write – hell, people these days are giving out their own manufaturers for their businesses online! I want you to keep consuming information and focus on one thing. I keep saying focus should be on one thing because, if you just go and try to learn what these lifestyle gurus are claiming they are doing or buy in on the pretty flashy things then you will lose. You will create an information paralysis situation for you. You won’t be able to consume so much and execute.

Next step! I want you follow your passion but, I want you see if your passion really pays. For example, if you want to start a business, do some research to see how saturated the industry is and if you will actually succeed. If you want a job in a feild, I hope you are going to Glassdoor and checking how much it pays and which skills to obtain. I want you to be always prepared for the environment and make your life sustainable.

That’s right sustainable. People always buy into the word “financial freedom” and let me tell you everyone wants Financial freedom but, very few are able to attain it. It involves a lot of dedication, comprimises, and living frugal. What I want you to focus on is personal growth. Keep on learning and advancing your skills.

I want you to also know that goals are always dependant. For example, above, I asked you to follow your passion, learn a skill and tie it back to your financials. Your skills and goals should always reflect back to your overall life objectives. You want to help others? Well, does it pay your bills first? Be practical.

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