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Is Your Personality a Wishy Washy One?

Hello World,

Haha, identify yourself!

There are several times in your life you will not know what you are doing or what you want from life. You might feel lost. I have felt it several times in life. The feeling is crippling. Not only are you lost, you have these added emotions that others are judging or you are behind. But as I got older I realized I had to set some ground rules and become better at knowing what I wanted to do with my life and set a plan for myself. This plan is evolving daily.

But here is the thing, some of you have a plan but arn’t statisfied with it. At that time you also may feel a bit lost. A relatable example might be that you are stuck at a career or a job you don’t like doing but, it serves your over all plan. You are sticking through this boring job to save up to travel or to buy a house, which is your over all plan. Everyone has to put in those small sacrifices to get to their ultimate plan/goals.

Then what do I mean by wishy washy? Wishy washy people are the ones that do not have a plan, but see others doing something and without research they announce to the world that they will bandwagan too. Example, would be say, Carla works as an analyst and for her age all her surrounding friends and family has surpassed their careers. Now Carla feels insecure and needs to create an narrative for herself to feel good. She sees her frined, who was struggling financially made a bold decision to move to Texas because, house prices are cheaper. Carla, has no plans to move but, she feels telling herself that she could also do the same.

One of you decided to ask Carla how she was doing these days and her response to you would be, “oh I am doing fine, I think my five year plan is to move to Texas because, I heard the house prices are cheaper”. You ask her, Carla, “do you have a job lined up?”. In her response she says, “no, I’ll just go with the flow and see where it gets me”

This was a story line of a person with out a real plan and drive to work towards their own personal goals. Can you all not be a Carla for the year of 2021, haha. Please set goals and practice them every day. If you look at my post on Life Calendars, you will realize we have only few days to work on ourselves. When we get old it’s actually not that easy.

Please share your goals with me! I love being inspired by you all.

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