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What is One Thing You do Every day?

Hello World,

What is one thing you make sure you do every day?

No not the daily necessities like sleeping, eating or brushing your teeth, etc. What is one thing you do every day that you make sure gets done no matter what?

Do you mediate? Do you yoga? My last blog, I highlight my meditation routine.

Do you make sure you read something daily?

Do you pray every day?

Do you make sure to stay hydrated?

Do you put a facemask on daily?

Do you take your vitamins every day?

Do you work out every day or walk every day? Do you get any movement in?

Do you make sure to tell your loved ones you love them?

Do you make your bed every day or keep the house clean?

What is one thing that you are doing every day that is on a consistant basis that is now a habit?

After you answered that. Did you purposely make that you do it every day so it became a habit or are you trying to improve to make it your habit.

I love these growth questions, I am constantly trying to learn new skills, coding, marketing, etc. every day to instill growth. I am trying to make growth a habit.

I would love to hear from you guys! Love to see what everyone is doing every day, or how they are growing and how that is helping your personal and mental health.

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