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Are You Keeping up With Your New Years Resolution?

Hello World,

Checking on you guys to see how you all are doing? I have been super busy with work. Meetings after meetings. However, as promised to myself, I have been meditating every day! In this post I speak about my meditation routine that has helped me immensely with anxiety, Meditation and Manifestation For 2021.

This helps me keep positive. As I have wrote about it before, last year was painful. I lost my father. My father was full of life and it has been tough seeing him pass in pain. Although, I know he is in a better place, last year I worked on building my strengths. I put work ahead of everything and made it priority. It helped me cope.

I was actually puting work ahead of all because, I was trying to escape and cope and not face the reality of my fathers loss. Acceptance came day by day. It’s still hard however, I can face the reality of his passing now. However, through all this mental burden, I conquered one thing, I became better and better at what I do at work. This is because, that is all I focussed on.

I have learned that practice makes perfect, hence, I have been very, very determined to make my New Years Resolutions a habit. One of which, you already know, is keeping up with meditating every day. I have not skipped one single day. Be proud of me! I will keep going on this. Not only is it helping my physical and mental health but, it getting that checked off my list every day makes me feel accomplished.

Noteworthy resolution acomplishment thus far is me keeping up with taking my vitamins daily. Who else has this problem of forgetting about them? Well, I am putting myself first this year.

One thing I do want to continue doing is keep writing daily on this blog. Sometimes I slip due to work however, I love writing and sharing my insights and knowledge.

I would love for you to follow along! Happy New Year once, again!

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  1. Inese, artist, writer and life sciences specialist

    I also never make any New Year’s resolutions. I’m not that young, and I learned that important things one does anyway, but if they are just for the sake of writing a resolution, there’s no point.
    We have to focus more on doing and less talking about it. In fact, less talking would be beneficial for many people because they just get lost in all opinions and start doubting even those matters what they were sure about.
    Happy New Year!


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