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If Money Wasn’t an Object…

Hello World,

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

I started watching a lot of food vlogs lately over the pandemic. 2020 has been a tough year for all of us and who doesn’t love food? Second to all the comedy shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime, food is the most comforting thing that has been keeping me happy. Food not only satisfies your taste buds, but also is a window to learning about other cultures. As you may already know, I love to travel and food is a big part of traveling!

As I was scorlling through my YouTube channels, I came to know about Mike – Chopstick Travel and boy are they good! They are amazing with their camera work when they travel and it feels like I am traveling and eating with them. I relate since, I enjoy traveling as much as they do. Their videos made me realize how much I actually miss traveling the world. I become so attached to work and then the pandemic happened that I almost forgot how much I enjoyed it.

Then I asked myself this, If Money Wasn’t an Object… what would truely make me happy? I had the answer right away. If money wasn’t an object and their were no financial constraints or bounds then I would travel hopelessly and learn about cutlures, try different food, and meet different people. That is my ultimate goal and that what makes me truely happy! Yes, some of you would counter back saying, it will get boring if you had the chance to do it endlessly but, I beg to differ. I actually love traveling one place to another.

Now, this is a very interesting question because, it takes out the constraint that we have in our life and helps you answer what you are truely passionate about. So let me ask you, if Money Wasn’t an Object then what would make you happy? What would you do this very instance? What would be the most fulfilling for you?

Whatever that you answer, that’s your life goal and that’s what you should be working towards every day. I told myself, if traveling is my true passion then I am going to make it happy! I will take you all on a journey with me as I achieve that goal.

Until then, stay happy and please suscribe to all of my other channels!

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