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Meditation and Manifestation For 2021

Hello World,

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As you all know, I deal with a lot of anxiety. Past year, I have lost a lot of family members. I had to manage work, time, and my emotions all at once. I learned a lot of things that I never knew. However, I didn’t achieve all my goals.

This year, I want to better manage my health along with my personal goals. I want to manifest my goals to ahieve by end of 2021. You should do it too! Start a vision board of all the goals you want to achieve by end of 2021!

Remember, nothing is permanent and their can be a curve ball at any moment of your life. I follow a homeless tiktoker, who inspires me a lot! He has lost everything, but he works minimum wage and it’s his dream to be in the entertainment business. During the last year, he put in hard work to build an audience. That will help him a lot in the industry he wants to be in.

Moral of the story, he didn’t give up. Things can go side ways but, you are not allowed to give up. You are allowed to take time for yourself and reset but, you cannot give up on your journey towards the life you want.

The first change I made in this year is waking up in the morning, making my bed, and sitting infront of my window to meditate. I love the light shining on me while I breathe in slowly in the count of 5 and exhale with my mouth slowly counting to 7. This clears my mind and relieves all the stress I have built up. Eases my tense muscles. Gives me a fresh start to my day!

Thanks for the immense support! HAPPY NEW YEAR and cheers to our best year ever!!

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