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Stock Picks During The E-Commerce Uprise

Hello World,

This is for my beginner traders who are a bit afraid of buying stocks, if you have money laying around then invest it! Yes, compound growth is important for your future savings. It protects you from inflation.

Currently there is news on the Government regulating Crypto currency. This has some pros. vs. cons. Simple pro, crypto will finally be regulated. Which means there may be a ETF coming! Con, you will be able to trade crypto limited on the various crypto currency platforms with the new regulations.

However, I believe most of my audiences are still very new to Crypto and Blockchain and therefore, they are not investing in that realm. I could be wrong, let me know if you own some coins?!

If you don’t, then you may have also heard the news of Megan Thee Stallion, the American rapper promoting Cash App and giving away free Bitcoins. Well do you know who owns Cash App? If you read finance news like I do and are on top of your trends then it’s Square Inc.

Invest in Square Inc. ticker symbol (SQ). Square has sky rocketed during the ecommerce uprise, plus they accept bitcoin. I believe Squre and PayPal has huge potential and it’s another way of investing in crypto without the hassle of downloading crypto platforms and getting a wallet for Crypto currencies.

Thanks for always staying with me to learn about investment and money!

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