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Build Resilience

Hello World,

I am late again, but I am here! Recenlty, one of my family members have passed away. That is two this year. As everyone who has been following me for some time may know that in January I lost my father. It was the hardest thing ever. Now we are nearing the end of the year and I have lost another family member.

It is not easy. I usually head straight to work and try to cope by keeping myself busy. It works for me. However, this time around all the memories of my fathers loss had come back and I had a terrible day at work on Friday. I tried to step in to work too quick and then one of my meetings went wrong and then later on all of my meetings started going side ways. Soon that day my imposter syndrome took over and I started questioning, if I am even worth it.

After a quick chat with couple of my friends, I soon realized that I was being too hard on myself. What I have done, or the little mess that I had work was going to go unnoticed as I noticed it more than other people. Others will go on with their days as they have their own goals and lifes to worry about. What I needed to do is just step away and divert my mind and just relax. Then come back and work on my craft so I can keep going.

There is an amazing article by Harvard Business Review about two people who were fired due to economy. One updated his resume and changed his mindset by saying, it’s not his fault, it’s the economies fault. The other drove himself to homelessness as he couldn’t bare the failure. https://hbr.org/2011/04/building-resilience

Yes, build resilience! I found the best way to build resilience is through support. Talking about my issue, validating my feelings with someone else who has been through something similar. This helps me keeping going, keep pushing through. It brings me back to my objective. My objective as everyone knows is sustainability. I want to be sustainable in all aspects of my life at all times and all economic conditions.

Another method that is very successful for me is mindful writing. Yes, write all of it down. You just need to express your feelings. You will feel a bit lighter. Start journaling!

If you ever feel down, don’t keep it in. Everyone goes through their own set up traumas. You are not alone. If you ever need to talk, just shoot me a message and we can work this through. Don’t give up!

Thanks for staying with me for such a long time and showing me support!

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  1. KK

    I can empathise how difficult is to cope with loss of near and dear ones. But your article is quite inspiring. A day may be bad, not the self. Thanks for sharing😊


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