Sikh Farmer Narendre Modi Operession India Bill passed

Did You Know 10,500~ Farmers Commit Suicide Yearly

Hello World,

I don’t often speak about politics but, I hope you all read world news and are aware of what is happening around the world other than the pandamic.

Farmers are the heart of India and a new bill is being passed to privatize farming. This will mean in the name of free market, farmers will lose their land and corporations will steal the crops. The farmers die every day due to how poorly they are treated, and poor harvesting every single year. They don’t have any other means of income. They don’t know how to do anything else, other than farming.

Imagine telling a 70 year old farmer that their land will be taken away. They don’t have old homes benefit as North Americans. They don’t have any benefits. They will all die due to this new law. All farmers have gathered and are now at Delhi protesting for this bill to be revoked. In return, these old farmers are being tear gassed, water gunned, and brutally attacked by the Indian cops.

I write about money and financial freedom all the time, but what if you had only one skill and you are way past your age of learning and adopting a new skill to survive. Forget that, what if you didn’t have a computer or internet and lived somewhere remote. On top of that, there was a law passed to basically kill you?! This is exactly what is happening.

Politics is dirty! But sometimes we need to be mindful and see what is right from wrong and protest for the RIGHT!

I hope you read into it a bit more and just spread awareness.

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