Why Packaging and Aesthetic is Important

Hello World,

You know I read a lot about human behavior, consumer behavior and customer journey. However, I wanted to talk about why packaging is important to me as a consumer. If you look at my over all profile, I am not a marketers dream profile. I shop very smart and I track my expenses which most people don’t do. They get a pay cheque and they spend it on new trends or what they “think” they need right away.

I know I posed this question earlier – during this pandamic, are you all spending more or less?

I have been spending a bit more than I use to as I am saving on commute and I see the savings as I track. I will share a budget tracker for you in my upcoming blogs.

I have been also following many new small businesses on various social media platform to see their marketing strategies. One thing in common is packaging journey. I am seeing alll small business owner making small bite size videos of them packaging their products. This is a marketing tactic, because, when someone sees how much effort and time packaging takes, or overall beauty of the package itself, the customer is more incline to buy.

Packaging is very important to me as well. Aesthetic of a product you sell is basically presentation. Think of all the influencers that follow a certain color way to enhance the aethetic of their profile, for example:

This is their presentation that makes you want to follow them or any other influencer because, it looks pleasing and plus shows they actually put thought into this. Their profile is a product that they are selling to you audience and it’s packaged well hence, we follow and buy into it.

Same applies to packaging!

Think of your customer profile. Are they single, living alone, are they always working, what will make them feel special? For me, when I receive a package, it’s the unboxing experience, the pretty wrapping paper coming off – it’s almost as I have received a gift! Now understand, it’s expensive and time consuming for a small business to do that but, creativity shouldn’t be expensive so if you are a small business owner put some creative thought into packaging.

Some business owners, actually throw in freebie’s or stickers, or chocolate/candies. This gesture allows customers to remember the brand because, they felt special when opening the package.

If you are a small business owner, give your packaging a thought! Until then, I hope you all have a great day!

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