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Hello World,

I am on my way to keeping up with the trends and every single small business or marketing blogs I search now are all on Canva! So I had to give it a shot. It’s a really cool website to create prints, instagram posts, animations, presentation, Linkedin banners, ads–and the list is never ending. Most pictures are free, except for the ones that are shared by creators.

If you are into design, (which I am), you can just go on Canva and upload your own designs and share it with everyone. Once someone uses your design, you get paid for it! This is a great, great opportunity if you are into desing because, trust me, every social media manager and online small business out there is using Canva.

A social marketing manger nowadays will always give you two main websites to keep up with the times, one being a social media post scheduling app and the other will most defintely be Canva. I tried it out myself and it’s pretty cool. I signed up for free and I made some cool banners and images for my posts. Cool thing is, if I wanted to sell T-shirts, I’d just get the print straight from Canva and I have the option of customizing the art too.

So if you want to improve your digital aesthetics, then try Canva today!

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      1. dlaofficial

        Yes, you can 🙂. Canva doesn’t offer sweatshirts in the mean time other than Tshirts, I think. However, the work around to that is saving your designs from Canva and uploading it to any other printing websites such as Teespring and Redbubble.

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