ETF’s I Bought in My Retirement Plan This Week

Hello World,

Who wants to follow my personal finance journey? If you have not read all my financial blog, then here is where you start!

Let’s start by opening a Questrades account. Here is a QPass 316621717438868 you can use to get the following,

Take advantage!


Once you opened up a Self Direceted account RRSP or TSFA, buy a lot of QQQ, QQQJ, VOO, VOOV and VEA. Do your own research! These ETF’s pay dividends and track Vanguard and S&P500. Guess what S&P500 just added TESLA and you know that’s some good news!

If you have an investment strategy of putting away atleast $500 each month to your retirement funds, your money will increase in compound.

Also, research and read the news!

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