Digital Presence is Important

Hello World,

How many of you agree that digital presence is very important in today’s day and age?

If you have an online business or in digital marketing you would agree with me. This is the age of TikTok, in other words, the age of information. Do you know how much you get to learn from TikTok?! If you don’t have it, you just don’t know. Few people think, it’s just a waste of time but, it really depends on what kind of content you are consuming.

I am noticing on TikTok, how the younger generation is staring their own business, their stock portfolios, and multiple sources of incomes. Younger people are more prone to taking risks! It makes me think, what can I do differently, how can I learn and take more calculated risks?!

One more thing I have noticed is the immense exposure, support and value you get from a following. Yes, everyone should be striving to create a following. It is fulfilling when you share your learnings with your followers or even monetize your content. I have came across several brands that make $10,000 dollars in sales just by selling T-shirts, only because they have a following. Yes, that’s just sales and that comes with expenses but, think about it! That can be a second source of income from your current job!

The youth today are much more aware and are more financially literate! I would say, learn more about money and personal finance and take those risks of going for your dreams! Start with no expectations, it will surely be fruitful.

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  1. Hilary Tan

    To build a presence takes A LOT of energy, time, and commitment. When I read about people’s goals in terms of projects, a lot of it looks like busy-work. Busy work is very misleading because it feels like work-work but doesn’t really lead to results. When planning how I spend my time online, I ask myself if anything I’m doing is going to propel me in the right direction, or if I’m just chasing followers for the sake of garnering an audience. I quit most social media platforms in 2019 to focus on blogging.

    The problem with having so many social media accounts is that everyone else is doing the same thing. There’s so much competition already, so I came to the conclusion to only focus my attention on one or two platforms max. There’s a term called dabbling, in which people jump from one project to the next to the next only to exhaust themselves, and never really perfecting any of them. My advice would be to get really good at a couple of things rather than try to master all of them.

    For me, my craft is not TikTok. I don’t even have a TikTok account. But for some people, it could be TikTok. It could be YouTube. It could be Instagram. It could be Etsy. It could be blogging etc. Pick one or two and get really good at those… then the t-shirt sales might start rolling in. People who have gotten good at something are usually masters at that one thing, whether they’re YouTube stars, IG influencers etc.


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