Rakuten – Get Some Money Back

Hello World,

Who knows what Rakuten is? If you don’t then you are throwing away money.

There are two types of people in this world. The ones that are good at saving and are financially savvy, and the others who see a pay cheque come and think they have money to spend. Growing up, I have seen best of those two worlds! My mother use to tell my father to always shop by looking at flyers as we had to be tight on our budget. On the other hand, dad’s logic is, it’s essential so it doesn’t matter if we save or not.

My opinion now, you can assess if the essential can wait a week for it to go on sale or not. Buying bulk on sale would have saved you atleast $3 dollars. Three dollars may not seem a lot but, over time it adds up.

For example, IF you buy a cup of coffee every work day for $3.95 which may not seem ground breaking but in 252 work days * $3.95 equals to almost a $1,000 and more if you are adding lunch, and upgrading the coffee to a starbucks! In other words, if you don’t calculate money in this grandular manner, you are throwing away money.

That’s exactly what many families do! They don’t shop smart. They think, what is going to happen if I spend that extra $10 dollars. It is going to add up over the year! I would suggest, do your research, check your daily flyers. Use your coupons! Take advantage of your credit card points!

I religously use Rakuten now and earn 2.75 to 7% cash back. Some times it covers my taxes or the shipping cost and it’s a great way to save.

It is a completely easy set up. You go click on this link: https://www.rakuten.ca/r/Dlaofficial_?src=Link

  1. Set up an account
  2. Set up your PayPal
  3. Find the store you are shopping from, Amazon, AliExpress, H&M, Walmart, Sportscheck, Dyson and the list is never ending.
  4. Click on the shop now list and it will direct you to the website and once you purchase your cash back will show up within 3 days of your purchase.

Be more mindful with your savings. If you don’t plan it won’t last long.

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