Negative Nancy – Please Don’t be one

Hello World,

It’s in some people’s DNA to be negative about everything. I have seen it in my own home where certain individuals are not big on risk taking. There are certain underlying subjectivities there. For example, it could be just how they are raised, it could be lack of financial confidence, bad experience with taking risks and/or they are just not as driven and are comfortable with their situation.

I have always been driven in all aspect of reaching my objective and making things happen. In my personal growth, none of my achievements came through conventional routes. That means, I saw a lot of failure before I got to my success. I heard a lot of people say that I could not do it or make it. When you hear those criticisms, do yourself a favor, don’t react! Take that all in and improve. Say you will learn it and do better. Every rejection made me stronger.

Recently, I am coming across a lot of people who are just done with this pandamic, so much so that they are not even taking in the joy of the festive season. So what the season is not as joyful this year or not “normal” … deal with it! Make it with what you have!

Yes, people are so negative towards any change that they have a hard time of accepting and adopting to new change or new norm. If this is the new norm then make it fun with what you have! Literally, it is just your perspective at the end of the day. People in east Asia, die on the street begging for food. You get to be comfortable at home with your close ones, if not close ones then atleast you can buy a $5 sandwich which a ton of people cannot!

I absolutely don’t sympathize with people with negative nancy attitude! Please reflect and always try to see the situation in positive light.

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