Being Afraid of Taking on Risks

Hello World,

I am about to share a story of of my friend. Hopefully this story will help your dilemmas between any risks you are afraid of taking. I want you to be successful and inspire you. I want you to quit making excuses and just go for it.

One of my friend is a teacher. She loves to teach. However, the pandemic had given her some free time to take on something else on her plate. She was actually miserable during this lockdown. She thougth she had nothing going for herself. She often felt stuck.

She lives with a huge family. Living with a big family can give you anxiety at times as there are too many leaders in the same house. Too many people want things done their own way. Too many people have their own opinion. She felt stuck at home too.

She was getting overwhelmed at home as interactions increased at home during the pandamic. One day she thought, she has all this free time, why not put at to use on taking up something creative?! She always wanted to do something creative, but was always afraid of the failure and feedback.

She asked some of her family members to model for her as she shoots some pictures of them. She purchased a cheap camera. She asked her brother and his wife to wear there best caual clothes and did few photoshoots with them. Some at home and some at the park. My friend started to youtube photography techniques and trust me, you might think it’s easy to be a photographer but she was learning like she was in school for photography. She had tons and tons of notes from her youtube research.

After that, she started to post constantly on Instagram. Soon after people started to notice her pictures and started to contact her with photoshoot requests. With each and different styles of photoshoot her skillset improved. She made over $1000 this quarantine just by following her passion.

She absolutely loves it! This has become her passive income stream. She has a lot of people asking for her shoot. She just created a stream of gaining income over the quarantine.

I want you to follow her path and take that risk! Just try it for fun! Turst me the least that can happen is, you will fail. That’s it!

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