Jealous of Others Money – Wrong Perspective

Hello World,

We have all been in situations where you just find your hardship as unfair. It’s unfair that everything bad is happening to you and not others. It’s unfair that this other person is so much more successful while, I am putting in more work. It’s unfair that this other person has so much money to spend and earning so much more than me and the list of self pity goes on…

Don’t lie, we have all been through that self pitty thought. It takes a certain personal growth to say, what they are doing is their journey and I need to just focus on myself to make the same happen for myself. All of my self pitty thoughts I look back and laugh at! “Why is this happening to me thoughts!”

Story time! This was a long time ago. I was always a hard worker and my mind has always been on my growth, both personally and financially. This was back in highschool when I started a job at a restaurant and my monthly salary was hardly 25K. My friend on the other hand landed a job at a bank for 40K. Back then that was a big deal, no highschool student were getting paid that much. I was always very jealous of her success since, I thought I was putting in a lot of work and I want it more than her. As time went by and our salary also went up. Compared to her I had to work three jobs to earn as much she was earning.

I would always compare and put myself down for no reason. I thought I am putting in work too, why isn’t opportunity coming to me just like it did for her. Then I started telling myself that it was my fault and maybe I lacked certain capabilities to advance.

However, no ones situation stays the same. I failed to realize at that given time, her journey was different from mine and I did not need to compare myself to her. Now I earn well above what she earns. Her financial goals is get to my salary level in 5 years. This is because we lead different lives, have different goals, and have different struggles.

Don’t look at people as competition and compare. Think of them as motivation. Look up to people who are working hard and don’t question their wealth but ask yourself what can you do to get to that level.

As always, thank you for all of your support.

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