Up Your Salary – Story Time

Hello World,

We all have financial goals. In order to get to those the first and foremost trick is to getting paid more so you can save and invest and still take care of your investments. Your goal should be to increasing your salary every year. Instead of telling you to upgrade your skills and research on skills that will land you another high paying job or make you more sought after, I will just share a story. I hope this story encourage and motivates you.

I know someone who splurges like no tomorrow. She is eating out at fancy dinners every single day and partying with friends. Just by looking at her social media you would think she is making a waste of her life by spending so much on night outs and expensive products. However, she started off being an accountant analyst at Deloitte, soon she become a senior Deloitte analyst.

She had several accounting jobs in between where she upgraded her skills and picked up on various financial standards that companies to comply with. As you know many companies today quickly need to adapt to the 2020 IFRS standard to avoid legal issues. She adopted these skills set which are desired for most of the multi national companies right now. Soon she became a accounting manager at a large telecommunications company in Canada, which paid her about 90K to 100K.

Within a year of working at that company she networked and went back to Deloitte as a manager and earned 100K to 115K. She stayed with Deloitte for 8 months and then Rakuten picked her up and now she makes 124K per year. She did all this within a span of less than 2 years.

Many of our job situations are dependent on many factors, however, I want this story to motivate you and think about your financial goals. Where do you want to be in the near future with your salary? Are you taking those actions to make the change happen?

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