If You Lost Your Job Tomorrow – Is There A Back Up?

Hello World,

Losing your job is a given anxiety / depression topic. You won’t be happy for some time and you a lot of emotions will be running through your mind. You will cry, you will think about your bills, you will start forecasting your future. All this will happen, even if you had a plan.

However, do you have a plan? If you were to lose one income stream today, what would be your back up plan? Is it simply to look for another job? What if there were limited amount of people hiring for your skillset at this pressing times. Would you have to upgrade your job skills in todays pandamic environment.

Have you given that a thought? I have been jobless for 6 months one time of my life and it wasn’t a great feeling! It was hard to find another job. That’s why I decided that I will try my very best to not be close to that situation ever again. I created some back ups. If I have two streams of income. If one stop of my income sources stops then, I have the peace of mind to say that my other income will cover my mortgage. I have properties for rent, if need be I can sell them. I have stocks, bonds, and shares I have invested over the years I can definitely sell.

The best one out of all those is my back up savings that I don’t touch at all and it’s for my rainy days. I always have that as my security for any uncertain changes in my life. Another, is my investment in my skillset. This gives me leverge in the job market. I am definite that I won’t be waiting the span of 6 months to find a job this time around if that were to happen again.

These are small survival hacks, people never think ahead. Sadly, because when they put in so much hard work and come and browse through social media, every ad that comes their way seems lucrative.

Think about how you will create security for yourself!


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