The Plan is Never Available – Takes Risks!

Hello World,

Isn’t it funny, no one wants to be the first one to take the chance? You always want to be the last one to do it unless you know for sure that you are benefiting from the opportunity.

That’s a safe way to do anything in life, right? Don’t get me wrong, you rather be safe. You rather have money in your bank than gamble it all away. However, you want to take calculated risks too. You want to take low to medium level risks so you see a stable growth.

I am surprised that many people don’t invest in anything, let alone RRSP / Roth IRA. Yes, people don’t invest in RRSP’s / ROTH IRA’s, that’s a mistake at this day and age when so much material on financial literacy is available. You want to be putting money away for when you are older and unable to work like you do today. This money will be taxed but, at a lower amount, hence, you are saving money.

People shy away from research and therefore are afraid of the unknown. Some people want a complete investment plan infront of them, before they can invest in stocks. They want a stock pick list and someone telling them which stocks to invest in. Well, hard truth, that will never happen because, the stock market is volalite. The market will go up and down but, you have to buy and hold some long term stocks. That’s why you need to do your own research. I use to find it excrutiating at first too. But as you start researching and buying stocks, you understand the flow.

Some people have a lot of money in their back or enough for a down payment. But, they are afraid of job security. They don’t want to buy the home thinking they won’t be able to to sell it in the future or rent it out. They even think how much the maintenance cost will be. However, before making that assumption, did this person do their research in the area? How much it rents for? How demanding the area is or let alone, talk to a realtor who may have an easy of option of buying the place back if they want to sell it early.

Isn’t it funny, buying a car for instance, is the worst decision in some cases as there are cost saving alternatives available such as bussing, and uber. However, we don’t think as much before purchasing a car. We think about the convinience. But a car is literally a dent in your pocket. There is car insurance, gas and maintenance–in other words, all expenses. Yet, buying a property, which most people are afraid of doing becuase, of the research, legal work, and the assumed risk–returns an income if you sell it and or rent it out.

People live on assumptions. Their assumption create self doubts for them. They want to follow others footstep but fail to seek out a mentor and resources. I think it’s time we change that and start taking some well calculated risks.

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