What Has This Lockdown Taught You?

Hello World,

Sorry I am late, work has been crazy! But I am just checking up on you all!

Unpredictability! My worst fear, something that gives me deep anxiety. Yes, unpredictabilty is what I have learned from this lockdown. I have also learned to accept it.

Just like most people, it has been testing for me. I was given new challenges at work that I had to quickly adapt to in these testing times of lay offs. One of my family members passed away. Over all I was just alone pick up all my emotions and work.

Being prepared for these unprecedented times is actually what would help you gain a bit of confidence. However, some obstacles you just have to deal with and own. Feel the emotions and get back to working. Feel your emotions completely and talk about it. For examples, if you lost your job, or someone at home is sick or you are struggling with something… try to find people who went through similar expeirences and just talk about it. It will help you.

What really helped me through 2020 is listening to podcasts. I wasn’t willing to open up completely with all that was going on. The podcasts were interesting, I resonated with the stories without having to tell someone my story. I learned how other people deal with anxiety and challening situatoins. The stories were not all about coping. These were various podcast starting from finanace to simply being happy. The subject varied widely. All I can say is it help me a lot.

There will be really shitty and hard times in life! Really rock bottom times but, you have to own all situations. When I say all situations, I mean the worst of the worst. You can’t be too comfortable with your current situation. I hope of the best for everyone, but you have to be uncomfortable enough to know that you may lose it all tomorrow. You should be able to turn around and say I am okay or not okay with that!

If you are not okay with a certain situation then plan early for it if you can. If you can’t then give yourself some time to cope.

Thank you for all your support! I hope you are all strong during these unsettling times!


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  1. NottsReader

    As someone who deals with mental health issues, I find lockdown logical, and something I can rationalise, there are less people out, I am not pressured into going places or meeting people. Covid 19 to me is a logical problem/fear which I can have some control over myself.

    In fact my mental health issues got worse coming out of lockdown.


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