Everything From a Distance is Scary

Hello World,

Isn’t it true, every big stept or “risk” in life is scary. It can be starting your own business, taking up a new degree, investing in stocks, investing in real estate, investing in a new relationship. All of these investements are scary. These are scary because, all of it involves uncertainty. We are all scared of that word, uncertainty. All of these situations above require your time, money, and effort.

Most of the time people just end up not spending the money. The hoard it. This is not bad, it’s just safe. You are just saving which is not helping you in anyway. You are not adding growth to your money when you are simply holding on to what you already have.

Time is another thing people are afraid to invest. They want to spend time doing things they like, or in comfort…nothing wrong with that however, you need to make some time to spend towards your growth as well.

However, some people really don’t have enough time to invest in multiple goals. It could be a working mother who has to come home after work to take care of children or anyone with anxiety who need a lot of gaps before they can focus on their responsibilities. No matter what you are situation is, you need a plan for growth. A single mother may find it hard to curve out that time after maintaining a household and paying all her bills but, it’s just the idea of ownership. Even if it’s staying up late one day to do some research about career change or the stock market… that time needs to be curved out and that change needs to happen.

Making a change is never easy, even harder is starting that change! How many of you wanted to start a business or wanted to start investing in the stock market and never did it? Trust me, you are probably not speaking up now but, that’s the majority of you.

One of the reasons, motivation speakers are all open with free information and courses is because, they know half of you wouldn’t get up and try to start a business or take that risk. However, you will invest in listening to their success stories.

Everyone is afraid of failure. However, we have to all normalize failure. You try something once and it becomes easier the next time as you are more aware of your mistakes. The first try prepares you for what you should be expecting.

So if you have been waiting to start a small project for your own personal growth then please, please, please share with me your goals and get started today!!

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