Consistency Brings Growth – This Blog is Your Proof

Hello World,

As you are aware, I write about personal finance, growth, passive income, motivation and anxiety. I have been writing for awhile. Recently, I haven’t been giving up on posting every day. I told myself I will bring consistency to this part of my life, which is you guys!

This is my way of writing about my journey and learnings and help you along the way. I come out with different ways of sharing how to grow your income, how to work on yourself and how to create the “never give up mindset”…

Writing everyday has allowed me to create my own style and create authencity. Now I am on a journey of growth from every angle of my life. I told myself, that before the end of the year, I will try everything that I have dreamt of doing, in order to achieve my growth.

I share multiple ways of earning passing income that I am trying out. I share the difficulites I am facing or the success that is coming with it.

One of my success this year is being consistency with this blog. This blog sees a new height everyday. I see few of you write to you me in your comments and I see you all sharing my blogs and I really appreciate it.

Posting every day has led this blog to grow twice as fast as it was before. When I first started, I had great content but, I wasn’t posting every day. My readers lost forgot that I was there when I took large gaps. However, being consistent this year, led this blog to gain traction and exponential followers. When you being a blog, the few numbers of likes or followers does not make sense. But when you put in effort every day, you really start seeing the compound effect.

I am really, really thankful for you all for the support you have shown me on my growth.

I am trying to achieve the same level of consistency through out my career, life, and all my social media outlets so I can showcase my creativity and help every one my sharing my journey.

Follow me on Twitter: @dilyPie

Follow me on TiKTok: dlaofficial_

I had deactivated my instagram but that’s where I saw the most social growth of more thank 10K followers. This page will be back shortly, stay tuned.

Thank you,


One Comment

  1. Joana

    True, I started my blog 5 years ago. It was gaining followers back then because I post everyday, but the I stopped for a while. And the traffic also stopped. I recently started being active again. And this has been the best year for my blog so far.

    I love the comparison between blogging and real life.


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