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You must have heard of that teenager who borrowed money to invest in the stock industry. He was over 100K in debt. He took his own life after due to stress, depression and the fear that he cannot pay the loan off.

Use this link for FIVERR: http://www.fiverr.com/s2/b23d7279dc

Please do not invest with debt on your plate. That’s bad financial advise. Some people can afford to, those some people are multi millionaires. They have financial advisors and know exactly what they are doing. You on the other hand, need to not pay the heavy interest on any loan. Pay it off or work towards paying it off.

Holding a long term credit can hurt you as well. I know you are paying it off but, you have have to always stay in the minimum 50% always paid of the balance you owe, in order for your score to remain “good”.

Now here is way! Learn how to create different income flows. Sell your old items, sell items you make, make youtube create a following, or just create FIVERR and sell your skills.

Few posts ago, I showed you how to create FIVERR. I created a profile myself to show you my journey. I will be documenting my journey on FIVERR: https://t.co/9SL0npiBk8?amp=1

I intend to sell my excel knowledge and dashboard with this gig. What bout you? What will you sell on Fiverr. It’s absolutely free. There is a small commission FIVERR takes when you sell these items.

Once, you create traction and start earning, you can easily pay off your debt with other streams of income and create a great financial strategy.

Get Started one FIVERR: http://www.fiverr.com/s2/b23d7279dc

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