Re-Invest Your Dividends

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I always encourage people to become great researchers on my blogs. There is nothing better than searching for the right things and using the correct key words to conduct your research. Google is your best friend! The best resource. These days, learning about anything is easier than ever. I have been seeing a trend called the #smallbusinesscheck where, kids as young as 15 are opening up their own business. This is the time we live in!

So yes, dividends, I hope you invested in stocks that gives you dividends as in makes you money. When you purchase certain stocks, they pay you dividends, same with ETF’s. So do a google search and invest in some today and hold long term. I use to find stocks intemidating, however, as I started learning about more from the vast resource that is available to us, it became easier and easier.

Some of you are just earning the dividends however, I would suggest to make the dividends work for you. There are DRIP programs available in Questrades, Accorn, Wealthsimple etc. The program takes your dividends and re-invest in the stock that earned you the dividend. This will help you grow your potential of earning. This is a great automated process as you do not have to go in and repurchase a stock. All automated!

Please take a look at my other blogs to learn more about business, motivation, and personal finance. It will encourage you to create a good investment portfolio!

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