Lack Motivation? Challenge Yourself!

Hello World,

I am not speaking about creative block, I am asking if you truely lack motivation?

People have two types of situations. One is the one you create yourself, you take on the challenge hence, you are in control. For example, you took on a business and now it comes with challenges that you have to manage. There is the other kind of situatoin where you are not the one in control, the one that is given to you without you asking for it. For instance, the job you hate but, you need for the money or a physical disability.

Either way, it’s your responsibility to keep moving forward! Yes, it sucks that you are put in a position where you have to struggle where as others are at better positions, still you have to keep pushing to accomplish your challenges. The ownership of your responsibilities are very important. It is seen, accomplishing challenges are more fulfilling in the long run than simply avoiding them.

Lack of motivation usually comes from a lot of overthinking…what will they think? what if I fail? what if I lose money? But what if you don’t?

Here is the thing, if you do something or you don’t do something, doesn’t matter at the end as everyone dies at the end. But doing something is much more fulfilling than not doing it. Accomplishing something is not a waste of your life. So if you have an idea that you are holding off on, just get up, research and get it done.

Now there are people in a lot of different positions, reading this makes them feel as if these are just words. But, if you don’t change your mindset, let alone at least put the research in then you just don’t no.

Someone will write in the comments, I am a single mom, who gets paid minimum wage, with three kids, I just don’t have time. Then your priority is something else, you need to sort out your priorities. If you feel that there is something you want to accomplish then at least do Google search before, you think it can’t be done.

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