Your Hard Work Matters: Accomplishment

Hello World,

What gets you going in the morning? For me, it has to be the goals that I have. But you know what helps? It’s knowing that I have some stability to pursue it. So when people say money doesn’t buy happiness… yes, I see this being misconstrued. Money can’t ever buy happiness. Happiness is subjective to your own beliefs. However, money eases struggle and give you time to focus on your happiness. Hence, money is important. (I know some of you are itching to comment! haha)

I want you to invest in yourself and challenge yourself to learning new treding skills that make you more valuable in the market. Learning a new skill in itself is a form of accomplishment. Not only is accomplishment fruitful to your own peace but, it’s valuable. It will gain you success in your line of work, giving you monetary freedom.

I want you to think about a skill you can learn today. Be a well rounded informed person. You don’t have to be a genius in all areas but, you have so much information for free these days that there is no way you can’t be informative.

If I asked you about Blockchain today, how many of you can tell me what it is? If you can’t then please go read about it a little bit and become fimiliar. If I asked you about trading and ETF’s, how many of you can tell me the long term advantage? If you can’t, then youtube some videos. Become a good researchers. Learn to ask the right questions!

Accomplishments adds value to your life as at the end, you can look back and be proud of how you spent your time.

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