Ask Yourself Before You Write an Opposing Comment

Hello World,

I am IT professional. I have ton of experience in programming, business, and investment. I create these motivational peices for you all to follow along. I hope you all enjoy my candid way of writing. You can all learn from my journey. My informative reads are just for you to read in the hopes you will take something away and apply it to your daily life. My pieces are here to improve your mindset. It is your CHOICE to take the information or not.

Recently, I had a comment from someone stating that I have it easy, and they have it hard. They wrote a complete different scenario of their life in the comment section which was unrelated to what I was mentioning in my blog.

Before digging deep, I want to segment the types of audiences I reached through out my blogging journey. I found there are different sets of audiences on WordPress.

> There are people who are using the content and need help. These are usually small business owners, studentds, professionals or new bloggers.

>Then there are people who are retired / don’t have work / stay at home for any life reasons they have. Some of these people have been past professionals and have great insights, some of them are just readers and few of them are just here to argue about past vs. future.

>Also, there are people who are mentally struggling due to their environment and or other related issues. These people do not have others to open up to.

My comment section is always open for you all! However, please try to take away the mindset and or idea, rather than being the opponent of what I am trying to relay in my blog. For example, I talk about investments all the time. I have a good grasp on it. I make money and enough for me to put away. I share ways on how you can as well. But if you feel differently, then don’t! (I had to laugh here)… if that is not your long term goal then please follow your own plan. Everyone has different life stories, I am just sharing what works for me and current trends so you can learn.

If you are mentally struggling, I have many blogs on anxiety and self doubt. Eveyone goes through it and it is not easy. Please take a look at all my blogs below.

If you are in an environment where you are not safe, please just don’t write it in my comments, seek help. If you are able to write on my comment section then you are able to do a quick google search.

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I hope you are enjoying my journey as much as I am! I would love for you to share with your friends and family.

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