The Way You Measure Success Can Lead To Anxiety

Hello World,

Yes, the way you conceptualize your life can lead to anxiety. Do you measure your success against money? Do you measure your success against people and how well they are doing? Are you thining you are never good enough because, you feel you haven’t done enough?

Then your metrics is incorrect! Because, that will never lead you towards happiness. Some metrics to measure yourself gives you a boost in the short run. Hey, if he/she can do it, then I can do it better… yes, it helps you accomplish but, sometimes the success is just not attainable and it’s not your fault at all.

Therefore, change your perspective and values. You should just look to enjoy the journey. Have goals and plans but, if it doesn’t work out, then don’t beat yourself up.

But when I say don’t beat yourself up, that doesn’t mean don’t completely give up! Getting confusing but, all I am saying is find that balance of keep moving forward without feeling like you have failed.

Failure is inevitable! It’s a part of life. You need failure in order for there to be growth. If you got everything right in your life then, you wouldn’t have learned anything. There would have been no progress. You would have been a born genius and us humans are far from that!

Self reflect and take a look at how you conceptualize your life. Do you blame others or blame yourself? Then your metrics is not right.

Thank you,

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