Sales / Customer Service Professionals Are Human – Please Share

Hello World,

If you can help me share this to as many people as possible, I would appreciate it!

This is more of a rant than an opinion peice. There are some people out there who treat servers, customer service and sales professional very, very poorly. They are very manipulative and pressure sales people to act as they please just because they feel they have bought the sales person after they had made the transaction on the product.

Hold on for a second, yes, it’s good to know that you as a customer are supposed to be treated like GOD since, customer service is what will bring you back. But, you are in no position to harrass people you are providing you service.

If you are someone, who thinks you are above other people or you feel entitled in some way, I have no respect for people like you!

My family member has been in sales for 10 years. She sees multiple nut cases like these, who come in and buy then call the sales person back to get discounts. Recently, one lady has been calling day and night for 6 days and on off days. Like are you kidding me? I am sure you wouldn’t appreciate someone calling you over the weekend on your off day, if you worked a commission job and have sales target to fulfil. Do you understand the pressure a sales person goes through?

This lady called and threaten to cancel the deal. My family member doens’t get a base salary. She is on full commission. The fact that someone could harrass her for 6 days and then cancel the deal is pathetic. Not only did the sales person feel the pressure from her bosses when making the sale to meet her qouta but, then she has to fight to keep the deal?

My family member, worked very politely with the lady, giving her many options. On her day off she told the customer, it’s my day off, I will take care of your inquirey when I return to work on Friday. This rude customer responded by saying, she will cancel then sent a rude text saying, “I can’t believe your attitude changed after the sale was made” EXCUSE ME???

EXCUSE ME? I can’t, and I don’t have respect and that kind of patience to deal with ignorant human beings.

If you work a sales /customer service job then I have a lot of respect for you! Please don’t take this attitude and tell them as politely as you can to correct their behavior.

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  1. Yernasia Quorelios

    ♡ I just tell people to FUCK OFF!!! then one of two things happens; the Boss winks at Me or I’m looking for My Next job 😂🤣😅😆😁😄😃😀🙂


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