When Was The Last Time You Took A Risk?

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When was the last time you took a risk? This is a genuine question I am asking. I try to take well evaluated risks every week. This keeps life exciting and also pushes me towards learning something new. Contradicatory to popular beliefs, taking risks also makes you fortune. The key is, you have to be well informed. You have to do your research.

As I said, when you push yourself and learning something new that’s in demand, you can turn that around and make it work for you. You can make it a skill to teach to others, or turn your skill into a business.

In addition, you should actually make your money work for you! Save, but don’t just save, put it into investment. You should always focus on creating a well diversified portfolio.

I know much of the other countries are not as lucky as us Canadians, but hey, if you are Canadian then take advantage of your TAX FREE SAVINGS ACCOUNT. You won’t have to pay tax on any of your interests! You should have a brokerage with Wealthsimple or Questrades, I am sure there are other great ones but, these are the ones with low trading rates. Then invest a good portion of your money on divident paying stocks or a well diversified portfolio that will grow with time.

Make your money work for you! Millennials are both rich and poor according to a Business Insider Article . People born around 1980, joined the workforce during great depression and hence, are still playing catch. Since then the increase of income has been up by 67%, even with that rise, Millennials student debts are holding them back. Millennials also like to spend more than they earn.

Recently we are seeing a lot of Gen Z going into investments and opening small businesses. They are financially well versed as they are in the process of trial and error at a very eary age.

Intead of playing catch up with your generation, take some risks for your personal growth and also financial growth.

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