Side Hustle Challenge #Sidehustlechallenge

Hello World,

Take a paper, or open a OneNote and follow this simple math…

Take $2,500 (no tax) X 12 months = $30,000 Annual

Take your age, for example, 30, then subtract it from 60.

For example: 60 – 30 (your age) = 30 years

Now $30,000 x 30 years = $900,000 when you are 60.


Depending on income level, $2,500 is hard to save when considering tax, mortgage, car payments, children and other expenses. However, if you started a side hustle today that allowed you to earn passive income with your main source of income, then this might not be doable!


Hence, I want you to find a side hustle. You can open an esty store, become a consultant, flip cars/house/couch or simply search for remote work/part time work on : Whatever you do, I want you to start today! I want you to start during the pandamic.


To help you even further, go check out my old blogs for free resources. I recently wrote a helpful one that shares links to get free Google Analytics certification to update your skills:


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Hello World, I know I am a bit late; however, I would like to thank all 1,318 subscribers for staying close to my journey. I have been very busy with work and trying my best to keep up with my side goals. In January 2021, I had a vision, and I wrote the blog, Meditation […]

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