COVID-19 Phase 2 – Re-Opening

Hi everyone,

How do you feel about businesses, patios, and restaurants re-opening? Are you all excited to go reconnect with family in a public space?

US economy unemployment rates are NOT looking that terrible. Once these small businesses re-open we can see a pattern of how the North American economy is looking.  But I will not lie, I have got used to work from home. I love it. I saved a lot by eliminating the cost of commute.

Yes, I do work a lot now because there is no track of time but, I rather that than commute to work. What are your thoughts? I hear for sales professional to work from home as they need to interact and show products to the client face to face. There must be physical presence to build trust.

Did the COVID-19 numbers go down? What do you think? News is covering the next thing and discounting COVID-19 like it has been cancelled. How do you feel about that?

I would like to still be safe and practice social distancing no matter what the news is saying at this time. Stay cautious and carry a sanitizer at all times! Be cognizant of the fact that the doctors are still working hard to save lives and are at a higher risk being around the virus constantly.  

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