Traction and Future of Blogs

Hello World,

I just wanted to list out few tips and tricks for bloggers who want to earn money from blogging. This may be useful information to you or you may already know this. But I thought I share anyways!

I think it goes without saying, if you are a new blogger, you shouldn’t go into writing with the idea that you will make money from it. It is a process. Blogging takes 2 to 3 years before you start making real money from it. You have to be consistent and you have to learn about SEO. You have to know how to get traction from different platfroms, Instagrm, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. 

The initial step is to look up Google Ad Sense : 

Google Ad Sense, will not earn you money right away. You have to meet a certain threshold to actually earn money. However, it’s a start and means. When you start growing your followers and readers, you will have people clicking on the ADs.

Blogging in a tradtional sense can be compared to Magazines. Yes! Managzines earn their bucks through sponsored Ads. Ads depends on traction and followers hence, the main thing is to creating a flow where you can find audiences.

  1. Success Tip – Write about things you are interested in and don’t follow trend! You have to create your own brand and niche. I like talking about Business/Motivation/Money and Finance and mental health. That’s what share my expertise on, on these blogs. If you follow trends that you are not interested in, then it would be a road to failure.

2. Succes Tip –  Answer a question! Everyone has an opinion. Simply sharing your opinon does not help anyone. In this blog, I am sharing your expectation and “how to” make money from blogging. I am answering a question some of you may have.

3. Success Tip –  Keep your blogs around one page, 1,500 words! TikTok and instagram stories, along with Amzon’s same day shipping has made our attention sapn smaller over the years. We don’t have patience to read an entire article. Keep it informative and short!

4. Success Tip – Be consistent and don’t stop writing! It takes 2 years+ for you to grow a blog and gain traction. 


Big one! How will blogging looking in the future and how to adapt to it?

You have to research on Voice key word search! Amazon Alexa and Google mini can answer everyone’s questions now! 51% of people use home voice control systems to answer very specific questions and how to’s so they don’t really need bloggers to answer their day to day questions.

However, things such as financial planning and advices on other subjects that require more indepth detail will be the trend for bloggers. Understanding what people are reading about will be the key to success in the future!

Hope that was helpful!

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