Pandamic Planner – pick a skill to keep up

Hello World,

Did you get a chance to self reflect? I can tell you, it has made me realize the importance of goal setting. A lazy day seems just too long if I don’t have the planned out.

What have you learned through this pandamic? It has provided some of us abundance of time. Time that we would never have due to every day hustle and speed of light.


Planning has always been very important to my life. Did you know, you can actually minimize generic anxiety if you prepare and plan for the day or the event. Even if things don’t go according to plan, envisioning the day early helps you stay prepared and confident for anything that comes up.

Envisioning the future and planning it in your mind can help you stay prepared for any circumstances. Michael Phelps, American swimmer, Gold medalist in Olympics, practices envisioning as part of planning for his competitions.

I would like you do write down each morning the goals/small things you want to achieve that day. The things to note down can be as simple as doing the grocery today…write it down!!! In the end of the day, check off the goals you managed to complete.

Please don’t over do your planner and add 50 things and add unachievable goals, “buy a house”… this is not a goal for the day. You can say, “start looking for a house”. Break your goals down and write down the starting point of your over all goal.

All though there is abundance of time, people have found things to do… not only that, people have found ways to make money or invest in themselves. One of the major trends after the Pandamic is, “Tutoring online” or “learning online” according to Google trends.


There are two types of people #boredinthehouse – Tiktok reference or people who are looking for opportunities to grow.

I always try to stay on top of trends using various social media platforms follow different news streams. One interesting thing I noticed is AI won’t be replacing our healthcare essential workers or delivery drivers any time soon.

We need essential workers during an outbreak as such and these jobs will always be in demand. Contradictory of what I have theorized in my MBA class by stating, self driving cars will take over in the near future. Maybe, they would but future isn’t so near.

If you are looking to make money, follow companies that are making money right now, e.g. Walmart, Amzon, and pharmaceutical companies.

It takes Money to make money…

It takes money to make money. To make money you need to be good at one or two things. In order to learn about that one or two skills, you need to research, find youtube materials, and read. Read about investments! Build a new skill. Be progressive minded!

Invest your money things that will generate money. For example, I have seen many content creators (tiktok: dlaofficial_ … follow me!) … as I was saying, a lot of content creators, join affiliate programs such as Amazon. They show off amazon products and get their followers to use the affiliate link which, helps them earn money.

This is the time to think about how to generate more than one income stream. Please share your ideas!! Keep me posted!

Take care!

Tiktok: dlaofficial_


  1. Yernasia Quorelios

    ♡ Ensure Fluid, Flexible Planning; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Rigid, Inflexible Planning only leads to Disappointments, Rage and Misery



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