Anxiety is genetic but can be controlled!

Hello World,

I am trying to balance and jungle many goals and milestones in life as we speak. My work environment and the nature of my job can easily allow a lot of stress and therefore I am subject to feeling a lot anxiety at times. However, having anxiety is genetic. For example, if your mom’s side and parents had anxiety of some sort then there is a chance you may have anxiety as well.

Anxiety is really diminishing to your health ultimately if not managed properly. Anxiety can be caused by stress. However, if you notice that you are unable to complete day to day task then it’s clinical anxiety and it is time for you to seek out help.


 There are five types of Anxiety,

  • Generalized anxiety – Stress
  • Obsessive compulsive – Repetitive behavior that proves the same negative outcome
  • Panic disorder – You are worried about the outcome
  • PTSD – You endured a traumatic experience your childhood or lifetime
  • Social anxiety disorder – You are self consciousness

Anxiety can cause avoidance. This a common coping technique used by people with anxiety.  For example, people with anxiety will often avoid events to eliminate social interaction and/or job opportunities to avoid the interview process. This is because they are afraid of the outcome. They are afraid they will perform poorly and will be judged.

Eventually avoidance will come back to haunt these people as they must deal with outcome in the future.  Let’s say that you avoided preparing for an exam, or just didn’t go to the exam because you were afraid of failing or doing poorly. The result will be the same, you would fail. Rather,  if you had taken the time to study then you could have avoided anxiety instead. Avoidance causes the brain to use a lot of power to supress feelings.

If clinical then people should get help, if not then people should learn to face the problems. Avoidance allows a person to prolong the negative output. Some people even convince themselves that they work well under pressure. However, it’s just them putting off the work until the last minute because, they were avoiding the result.

There are two things to understand:

  1. Bad things happen in life (which is not controllable always)
  2. The reaction is always controllable

It’s important to feel the emotion and not to avoid the feeling. The more you are open and expressive the less anxiety you will feel.


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