Education Must Pay You

Hello World,

Depending on which you culture and generation you belong to, you have brought up and pushed towards an education a different way.  If you and your parents belonged to a high context culture, then education was higly emphasized. This means no matter what, you have to gain education.

Being encouraging towards education is excellent. However, the right education. We have to understand what the next emerging trend is and set the youth towards that. If you have debt and your degree/diploma doesn’t earn you a return then that’s bad debt!

Starting today, you have to be good with your finances to be able to attain finanical freedom. Think about your education (it’s a must) you have to learn to survive but you require skills that will bring in a return in the future.

There are tons of free courses and youtube channels that teach soft/technical skills. You do not actually need to gain that masters degree if you do not have that extra money. However, if you feel that a masters degree in anything will get you a promotion then by all means. I am always in support of upgrade.  Though, I need you to know for sure that you will gain a return from your education.

To assess this, I need you to think about things that you are passionate about. This is actually very hard for some of you to assess. You just do not know what interests you as you have not explored enough. That’s why, it’s a good idea to read, learn from skillful youtube videos and learn from podcasts.

Do something challenging! Pick up a niche skill that not a lot of people will spend time and effort working towards. How else will you set yourself apart?

Why not start with Python?

Always think ahead!


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