Bad at Dating at 30 – focussed on Career

Hello World,

There I said it! I loose interest these days…

The Tinder, Bumble, coffee meets bagel and Hinge is not doing it for me.

I use to be really opposed to having a casual relationships, but it all make sense now! When you are too occupied and focused on your career… you will not be able to invest in any other aspect of your life.  This is because you won’t be able to give those part of your life your best, 100%.

I am not searching for perfection but what is the point in something if you have to live it half hearted?

All this means is, I would need to find a partner who is on the same page! The ambition level has to be the same along with other compalitiy levels and that is never the case these days.

I feel after you reach a certain age you become content with a lot of things. You see life differently. Your goals changes. I pass up on very good people. Funny thing to notice, before my excuse to myself were that I was too busy with work. But now it’s just no interest! I have no interest in connecting, getting too personal, and or carrying any other person’s emotions at this point!

I am way too focused at my work. I am focused in building an empire, a better future for myself.

Working hard and earning the success is a different high! Working hard and earning financial freedom on your own terms is a different high!

At a certain age, you just stop caring about what people say and or think because, it really does not matter. You have a timeslot and it’s limited so make your future as bright as you can.

I need you all to try it! Be focused and make it happen.

Until next time…


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